Dankook graduate school of medicine has been responsible for graduate medical training and education since 1995. Graduate training and education is a continuation of medical education. 
 We promote leading-edge research on illuminating the mechanisms behind the phenomena of life, as well as on cures for disease and improving our health. We research and teach in all medical-related fields, such as medical science and health science, with the goal of fostering individuals who will serve as tomorrow's international leaders in their fields equipped with creative powers for research. Doctors seeking to enhance their clinical skills in specific areas may enrol for Graduate Diploma programmes that are recognised by the Korean Educational  Council. These Graduate Diploma programmes consist of lectures, tutorials and/or clinical attachments which will allow the students to gain relevant insights, work on real-life case studies, as well as gain hands-on experience. Students have access to facilities at Dankook University, including a dedicated medical library and simulation labs.

Objective / Goal

  Our goals are to train the next generation of scientific leaders in biomedical research by:

- Positioning our students to make innovative medical practitioner and scientist
- Equipping them to compete in the biomedical workforce and related areas with strong skills in multi-disciplinary technologies; in the analysis, visualization and statistical evaluation of data; and in written and verbal communication
- Developing in them habits for life-long learning that grows in depth and breadth
- Inculcating in them principles of ethics, honesty and rigor in research
- Preparing them to articulate, defend and demonstrate the value of evidence-based reasoning in civic life and public policy.
    - Networking opportunities with doctors from various healthcare institutions and countries

  • Professors

  • Dentistry


     Areas for preventing, diagnosing and treating lost or abnormal structures in the teeth, mouth, salivary glands and jawbone.


    Objective / Goal

     In order to develop basic sciences related to dentistry, we are developing high-quality human resources who can play a leading role in the information society, which is becoming more specialized, In order to achieve this purpose, the following detailed educational goals are set.


    1. Cultivate dentists who can demonstrate philosophical, social understanding and discernment throughout dentistry by selecting dental students without social, intellectual, and moral deficiencies to create academic environments.


    2. Cultivate dentists with the ability to cultivate thorough biological understanding and develop a high level of basic knowledge to practice oral disease prevention.


    3. Take responsibility for thorough oral health care ethics and patients, and cultivate dentists with the skills to play a leadership role in improving oral health in the community.


    4. Understand and implement the necessity of lifelong education, accept new research projects, and produce dentists who have empirically cultivated the qualities to develop better scientific oral health care plans.


    5. Cultivate researchers, scholars, and professors dedicated to the field of dentistry with the capacity to embrace new research projects, By transferring knowledge about the research value of dental medicine, research plans and methods,

    Medical Laser


     The light is one of the very important material for high-tech science research. The application of light is diverse. It has been applied in fields of industry, military, communication and medicine. In particular, laser application in medical field is expanding rapidly and has infinite potentials. Light therapy is regarded as powerful tool which can replace conventional therapeutic modalities in safe and convenient way. 
     Our medical light program aims to provide extensive technologies which includes development, equipment and clinical application to the fine graduate students who majored medicine, biology, physics, electronics and biomaterials. Light itself is combination product of physics and electro-engineering and medical light application requires shared work of expert of biology and medicine. Thus, medical light program will support individuals specialties and will proceed separate laser related classes and experiments in parallel and develop the manpower who will be responsible for the specific work that requires expertise of both specialties.


    Objective / Goal

     Our medical light program aims to develop the experts who can lead global/domestic light medical science by combined and organized education and research of multiple department which includes medicine, physics, material science, biology and electro-engineering.