Future ICT Convergence


 "Future ICT Fusion Department" recognizes that ICT is the key to future changes in future society, and studies and studies the convergence of technologies and management that can be incorporated into more convenient and advanced ICT services, thereby establishing a theoretical foundation as a new convergence study and nurturing ICT professionals with the creative knowledge capabilities required by society and businesses.

Dankook University's Center for Future Internet Convergence Policy was selected in April 2013 as a university for the operation of the "Cultivation of Broadcasting and Telecommunication Professional Personnel" program supported by the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning, and aims to foster advanced human resources that can lead the technology and business through the fusion of management and engineering studies and world-class research activities.

We will provide full support (one million won per month as of 2013) to all students of master's and doctorate programs, and will provide excellent educational environment for them to concentrate on their research. We plan to establish a close industry-academic cooperation system with global companies and major domestic companies to help them maximize individual research capabilities in a more stable environment by jointly cultivating the necessary professionals in the field of study and lectures and by fostering customized human resources that can be employed first by the companies involved.

Objective / Goal

  In preparation for the future society in the next 3.4 to 10 years, ICT management/engineering experts will be trained to explore management business strategies based on advanced ICT knowledge, develop new services, and conduct future knowledge sessions.

In order to realize convergence of new era topics, we train "management" and "computer/ICT" convergence studies to train professionals with project capabilities to enter the global market as creative professionals.

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